Jill Berni-Writer

Jill Berni – Writer



Thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to browse around. There is something for everyone; for the reader who is looking for a great book, (hopefully one I’ve written, but in the meantime…) my keepers are listed under the “bookshelf” tab. I’ve written a bunch of blogs for businesses and articles for charities, some of which are available for your perusal. And for those of you that are having trouble sleeping, please stop in at the “Bio” tab.

It’s been a great experience to set up my own website and now I have no excuses and must get down to brass tacks and start writing for myself (and hopefully, for you!) I hope to have excerpts on the web soon, so please visit often.

All the best,


“Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way”

-Abraham Lincoln